Experienced Physiotherapist in Barrie & Newmarket

Experienced Physiotherapists in Barrie

Intelligent Approach to Movement is, quite simply, the experienced Physiotherapist in Barrie & Newmarket. We take a unique approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries that aims to improve both the physical and mental health of our patients. We realize that circumstances that led to the injury may have been traumatic; that’s why our approach is just as focused on the psychological aspect of injuries as it is on the physical.

We have rightfully earned our reputation as the trustworthy physiotherapists in Barrie thanks to this approach. Research proves that treating an injury in this manner will assist the patient in obtaining maximum results. We offer our patients encouragement every step of the way during their course of physiotherapy, since this is just as important as the therapy itself; praise for every bit of progress a patient makes is an important part of the recovery process.

Our approach involves educating our patients on their condition in addition to the recovery process. As the experienced Physiotherapists in Barrie, we feel that letting our patients know what they can expect can help them to better prepare for the recovery process which, depending on the injury, can be a challenge. However, if they have been prepared for the road to recovery, they will be better prepared to deal with the process.

As the experienced Physiotherapists in Barrie, we believe that if a patient has sufficient knowledge of the recovery process, they can set goals, plan their discharge, and follow every step of the recovery process. Regardless of our patient’s age, we will work closely with them to achieve the best results.

Your search for the affordable physiotherapists has come to an end. Regardless of your needs, Intelligent Approach to Movement will work closely with you to ensure a full recovery.