Laser Therapy in Barrie

Laser Therapy in Barrie

At Intelligent Approach to Movement, we offer laser therapy in Barrie. You may have heard of laser therapy and its benefits in treating injuries, especially musculoskeletal injuries. We are proud to offer laser therapy to patients who have suffered from these types of injuries.

But laser therapy doesn’t just have to be for injuries; we also offer laser therapy in Barrie for pain management and reduction. Laser therapy is especially effective if you suffer pain from an old injury or condition, such as arthritis.

We offer safe laser therapy in Barrie. Our laser provides deep, penetrating relief that you’ll start to feel after your very first session. Our technicians are highly trained in the use of our therapy laser and how to provide relief for a number of conditions.

If you work at a job that requires frequent repetitive movement of your wrist, such as typing and using a mouse, you may just find yourself suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome; laser therapy is an effective treatment for this condition. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, visit us for laser therapy in Barrie.

As part of our laser therapy in Barrie, we invite our patients to fully participate in their recovery and provide them with tips for care between therapy sessions. We fully asses our patients and provide them with in-depth but easy-to-understand information about their injury, condition, and subsequent treatment. By educating our patients, they can better treat themselves and prevent a possible reoccurrence of their injury.

Even though we take a thorough approach to laser therapy in Barrie, we still strive to treat our patient’s injuries and pain in a short amount of time, providing them with much-needed relief. Whether you’re looking for laser therapy following an accident or to treat chronic pain, Intelligent Approach to Movement provides it at an affordable rate.