Intelligent Approach to Movement, Barrie’s Premier Full-Service Physiotherapy Clinic, Celebrates National Physiotherapy Month

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Intelligent Approach to Movement, Barrie’s Premier Full-Service Physiotherapy Clinic, Celebrates National Physiotherapy Month

Intelligent Approach to Movement (, Barrie’s leading integrated full-service provider of physiotherapy, massage therapy, laser therapy, and a functional training program, is celebrating National Physiotherapy Month with a focus on raising awareness of the profession, centring on benefits for those living in the Barrie area.

“May is National Physiotherapy Month in Canada, and at Intelligent Approach to Movement, we want to raise awareness of the benefits of seeing a physiotherapist for the treatment of pain, injury, and chronic illness,” says Marcin Danda, founder and owner of Intelligent Approach to Movement. “At the same time, it’s also important for active Canadians to understand the benefits of maintaining proper preventative orthopaedic health.”

A registered psychotherapist, Danda has over 20 years of experience treating a variety of musculoskeletal injuries resulting from work, sport, and motor vehicle accidents. The company’s other resident physiotherapist, Joebie Ian Tanamal, received his bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and nursing and has extensive experience in geriatrics, neuromusculoskeletal, sports injury, and orthopedic conditions.

Danda explains that as primary care professionals, physiotherapists have a broad scope of understanding about how the body works and what needs to happen to keep it moving optimally. Physiotherapists have a two-year masters of science degree, accompanied with extensive clinical experience.

“Most people visit a physiotherapist when they’ve been hurt. A physiotherapist determines what risk factors contributed to the injury and helps the patient enhance or restore mobility through a broad range of physical, physiological, and educational approaches,” he adds.

But Danda notes that physiotherapists do more than rehabilitate people after an accident or injury. Physiotherapists also help promote mobility, wellness, and independence, as well as assist stroke patients with managing chronic diseases and caring for musculoskeletal conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

“At the same time, physiotherapists can enhance the levels of everyday health and wellness,” he concludes. “With warmer spring weather here and summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to schedule a routine check-up to identify and proactively treat orthopedic risk factors; especially if you plan on engaging in or taking up more strenuous work or exercise activities.”

Based in Barrie, Ontario, Intelligent Approach to Movement (Iam Movement) is a new concept for treating musculoskeletal injuries. The company’s integrated approach facilitates the healing process through a comprehensive approach of its client’s physical and psychological needs. Founder and owner Marcin Danda has been working in a clinical setting with diverse cases of musculoskeletal injuries related to work, sport, and motor vehicle accidents for over 20 years. Iam Movement’s services include physiotherapy, massage therapy, a work-hardening program, a functional training program, ergonomic assessments, laser therapy, falls prevention programs, and postural retraining programs. To learn more about Intelligent Approach to Movement, visit the company’s web site at

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Marcin Danda MSc PT, MSc Psych(Poland) gained his physiotherapy degree in Poland. He has gained thorough experience in treating neurological conditions during his first employment at the Specialist Hospital in Sosnowiec, Poland at the Neurosurgery Ward. Since he came to Canada in 2001 he has been working in clinical settings with diverse cases of musculoskeletal injuries to work, sport and motor vehicle accidents. Add me to your G+

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