I Am Movement, Barrie’s Premier Full-Service Physiotherapy Clinic, Comments on Pilot Rehabilitation Program Showing Positive Results

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I Am Movement, Barrie’s Premier Full-Service Physiotherapy Clinic, Comments on Pilot Rehabilitation Program Showing Positive Results

Intelligent Approach to Movement (www.IAmMovement.ca), Barrie’s leading integrated full-service provider of physiotherapy, massage therapy, laser therapy, and functional training, is offering its input on a pilot program launched in Saskatoon that provides an exercise regime to patients recovering from injury who can’t access private therapy.

The program, called “Next Step,” is being offered by the Saskatoon Health Region. Next Step focuses on patients with neurological and spinal injuries who have completed a minimum eight weeks of physiotherapy, but still have limited mobility and would benefit from further therapy. (Source: “Pilot program for rehabilitation therapy wrapping up, with hopeful results,” CBC web site, June 12, 2014. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/pilot-program-for-rehabilitation-therapy-wrapping-up-with-hopeful-results-1.2672916.)

“Any alternative program that gives patients access to the recovery care that they need is a positive step,” says Marcin Danda, founder and owner of Intelligent Approach to Movement. “The goal of any therapy is and always should be to help as many people as possible get back to a healthy physical and mental condition.”

Giving patients access to exercise equipment is one of the ways the Next Step program aims to achieve its goals. According to one of the region managers, patients are already boasting about their improvements and seem excited to continue with the program, which concludes at the end of June.

“It’s hard to put a timeline to recovering from any injury, particularly if it involves the spine. Everyone’s body is different and recover at different paces,” Danda concludes. “Intelligent Approach to Movement understands the needs of patients seeking recovery through physiotherapy and the use of new approaches aimed at achieving a more holistic recovery.”

Based in Barrie, Ontario, Intelligent Approach to Movement (Iam Movement) is a new concept for treating musculoskeletal injuries. The company’s integrated approach facilitates the healing process through a comprehensive approach of its clients’ physical and psychological needs. Founder and owner Marcin Danda has been working in a clinical setting with diverse cases of musculoskeletal injuries related to work, sport, and motor vehicle accidents for over 20 years. Iam Movement’s services include physiotherapy, massage therapy, a work-hardening program, a functional training program, ergonomic assessments, laser therapy, falls prevention programs, and postural retraining programs.

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Marcin Danda MSc PT, MSc Psych(Poland) gained his physiotherapy degree in Poland. He has gained thorough experience in treating neurological conditions during his first employment at the Specialist Hospital in Sosnowiec, Poland at the Neurosurgery Ward. Since he came to Canada in 2001 he has been working in clinical settings with diverse cases of musculoskeletal injuries to work, sport and motor vehicle accidents. Add me to your G+

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